OEM service

NiGK OEM service

NiGK has been continuing to supply high-quality original chemical indicators to many domestic and overseas companies. Thanks to our long-time experience as a manufacturer in chemical industry and one of the finest measuring instrument “CIER” which we install in our laboratory, NiGK can develop products with high quality and accuracy. Our OEM service enables you customized original products for your customers in your original brand with keeping the original finest quality. Even without your own production factory, you can produce your own chemical indicators and bring them to the market.

Need the indicator of your original design? Please contact us!

With our OEM service, you can realize

  • Your company’s brand design
  • Properties to suit your clients’ needs
  • Translation into your native language
  • Fully new line of products
Suitable application

“We make chemical indicators for ISO 11140-1 Class 6 steam sterilization to suit any sterilization temperature and/or time requirements of our clients. One of my clients wanted 10-min., 134 °C and 18-min., 134 °C indicators. Another client wanted three different reaction time indicators of 134 °C at 3.5 min., 5 min. and 10 min. all printed on one sterilization card. So you can see that we can make any Class 6 chemical indicators to meet your specific needs – be it the temperature, time lapse or design – and earn great customer satisfaction.”

Our Sterilization Business Department has wide-ranging research and development expertise, technology and facilities, among which CIER is just one type of equipment. Our streamlined and integrated processes, spanning from R&D and production to quality control and marketing, guarantee the acclaimed “Japan Quality” in the high-performance chemical indicators we deliver. We are never content with the current technology. It is through constant research and endeavors that one can make unending improvements. It must be this quest for quality that has earned outstanding trust and many years of business from our customers.

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