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Low-temperature indicator for cold chain

  • Detects temperature rise in freezer or refrigerator temp. zone and provides indication by a color change to red.
  • Designed to be frozen before use and bent with supplied tool for activation.
  • Simple activation even in a frozen environment.
  • Easier to use than a data logger.

Product line up

Type Color-change temperature
Precool condition Color change Condition of color change Size JAN code
CM-9 9 -18℃×12 hours White to Red Within 1 hour at 11℃ No change for 28 days at 4℃ lower than the specified temperature 75mm×7.5φ 4582130423301
CM-3 3 Within 2 hours at 5℃ 4582130423318
CM-M4 -4 Within 1 hour at -2℃ 4582130423325
CM-M10 -10 Within 3 hours at -8℃ 4582130423332
CM-M15 -15 -40℃×12 hours Within 2 hour at -13℃ No change for 28 days at -19℃ 4582130423349
CM-M20 -20 Within 1 hour at -19℃ No change for 28 days at -25℃ 4582130423356

Package qty

50 pcs/ box
*An activation tool is attached.

How to use

  1. Remove CRYOMARKTM from bag and precool at designated temperature and time (-18℃ for at least 12 hours/-40℃ for at least 12 hours).
  2. Use supplied tool to bend CRYOMARKTM.
  3. Place CRYOMARKTM near product whose temperature is to be monitored.

Precaution for use

  • To activate the CRYOMARKTM temperature indicator, use always the dedicated activation tool. If you activate CRYOMARKTM with a different procedure, it may not function normally.
  • Please use this tool at the designated temperature ranges (-40℃ to 40℃) at ordinary pressrue.
  • Please do not disassemble products to take contents.
  • Please do not repeat freeze/thew cycles. The indicator may be unintentionally activated.
  • CRYOMARKTM which has already changed color may be discolored by the effect of temperature and UV-lays.
  • The leakage may happen if the colored CRYOMARKTM is stored for a longer period at room temperature. Please dispose of it after the color change.
  • CRYOMARKTM may not change color in a short-time temperature rise less than 1 hour.
  • CRYOMARKTM may not be used in liquid such as antifreeze liquid, water, and oil, nor at certain conditions, such as in pressurized or depressurized area, a microwave oven, boilin water and fire.
  • Unused products can change color if dropped off or get an impact.
  • The color-change is tested under the test conditions of us. The color-change or no color-change of CRYOMARKTM do not provide any guarantees on the quality of the products which are packed in the same box.
  • The expiry date is three years after production date.
  • The varidated period is 28 days after activation.

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